Discover our trainers

Each of our trainers comes from a diverse background of exercise disciplines. While some focus on seemingly opposite practices than others, at the end of the day, the benefit of spending time in elevated heart rate zones is universally agreed upon by our trainers!

Anthony Wright


Anthony is certified personal and group CrossFit trainer. He is very expert in CrossFit and have long working experience in well-known fitness center. Moreover, Anthony Wright completed his bachelor degree from the athletics department. This from of exercise is very effective for body weight lose, flexibility and boosting body strength.   

Teresa Nicholas, MS, RDN, CSP


Teresa is a licensed registered nutritionist in Tennessee. She is an expert in general nutrition education, sports nutrition, cardiovascular nutrition, and weight management. Teresa creates a diet chart by considering an individual’s health condition. 

Brittany Nichols


 Brittany has about 3 years of experience in the fitness industry and very flexible to work with every type of client. She helps women to maintain a healthy life by doing regular home exercise, feel confident, and live a healthier lifestyle. She also teaches our members how to build lean muscle, lose fat and how to eat properly to reach their goals!