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In recent years, people have become more conscious of health issues and want to maintain a healthy life. In the same way, people also become busy with their regular activities. As a result, it becomes challenging for us to do our physical exercise by regularly going to Gym, mostly full-time employees and single parents. The online platform is one of the best alternative ways to do granular physical activities from home. Moreover, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, individuals who are especially vulnerable must avoid traditional exercising facilities to remain safe. Maintaining motivation to exercise alone at home can be monotonous for many people. Our virtual training is an effective way to solve these issues. Our exciting heart rate compaction will engage them with other users, which will help retain this motivation.


Physical Exercise Training

During this COVID-19 pandemic situation, this is not safe for everyone to go to Gym to continue their regular exercise to maintain a healthy body to fight against various diseases. To solve this issue, we are offering all the physical activities training classes through the virtual platform. This online platform is a combination of exercise with technology. Sometimes it might be monotonous for us to continue our regular exercise alone at home. This virtual platform will encourage you to attend group fitness classes. You can even do your regular fitness activities by watching workout videos that our expert trainers will post. Our volunteer trainers offer various online fitness classes all around the week and participate in that class by completing our signup form. There are lots of online fitness class providers and some companies charge a good amount of money for participating individual classes range from $5 to $10 per session. Our paid members will get free access to any type of fitness class. Moreover, the paid members can get one-to-one service from our expert trainers. It is essential to discuss with a fitness expert before starting your challenging exercise. We highly encourage our members to discuss with our fitness trainers before starting your virtual exercise training class. Depending on your height, weight, and physical condition, they will suggest you the best exercise option to enhance your healthy heart and body

Nutrition Counseling

Balance nutrition is a vital element for keeping your body and mind healthy and fresh. Improper diet can hamper you from getting the expected result regarding your health and even harm your health. People who create diet plans without expert consultation might go to the wrong direction. Nutrition is crucial for body fitness, and it provides required calories to keep our body active. Especially, those who are doing regular physical exercise have to select a balanced diet in their daily meal. Healthy foods do not mean eating simple food such as vegetables or nuts. Our body needs the right types of food at the right time. Depending on your Body Mass Index (BMI), you have to plan your diet. It is always challenging for us to create a proper balance diet as per our body requirements. Our expert nutritionist and dietitian will help you throughout the process to eat a balanced diet. They will create a healthy food plan by analyzing all your previous health records and examining your current physical conditions.