Our pricing tables

Research shows that operating at an elevated heartrate during physical activity is incredibly beneficial to the body. Not only will physical activity allow you to burn excess calories when attempting to lose weight, regular exercise will greatly contribute to your overall fitness and health. The Heart Rate Contest provides value to its users by creating a new, more inclusive platform for enthusiasts to share and compare their workouts to other members, including those who prefer other exercise styles. The Heart Rate Contest also encourages motivation through competition between members, regardless of their specific activities.

We Provide various offers for our new as well as existing members. 

  • Offering comparatively a reasonable price on a monthly membership. 
  • Students and older people (60+) will get a special membership discount.
  • The business runs on a virtual platform; Members do not need to go to a physical facility.
  • By analyzing members’ heart rate data, competition points will be awarded. 
  • Free heart and health-related awareness topics will be published on the website for paid and unpaid members.
  • Members do not need to be concerned about attending a class at a specific time; all exercise videos will be uploaded on the website to view at a user’s leisure.
  • The company is very committed to ensure security in personal data and online financial transactions.