Customers who talk about us

“The Heart Rate Contest motivates me to get up off the couch and have a more active lifestyle. I really want to get those points!” -Erica, Cincinnati, OH

“I’d played around with heart rate monitors in the past in order to track my fitness, but I never really understood the data very well. Working with trainers from the Heart Rate Contest team helps me to understand my fitness at a higher level.” -Kyle, Nashville, TN

“I never really had a way to compare my fitness, as a triathlon athlete, to my friends who are into weightlifting. The Heart Rate Contest gives us a way to compete with each other, even if we aren’t doing the same workouts!” -Rich, Cookeville, TN

“The Heart Rate Contest is such an addictive and motivating way to approach fitness! I have never had so much fun working out!” -Cas, Tampa, FL