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Have you ever wanted to compare your physical fitness efforts against your peers, but did not know where to start as you each subscribe to different exercise regiments? You may be able to run a 5k faster than anyone you know, but maybe you cannot lift as much weight. 

So who is working harder? Who is more physically fit?

The Heart Rate Contest platform will provide you the answers to these questions and more!

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Step 1: Sign Up to Join the Heart Rate Contest

Sign up for our newsletter or check out our Membership Page to receive information on how to purchase a membership.

Step 2: Get Started with an Approved Heart Rate Monitor

Purchase a heart rate monitor from our list of approved devices below. Be sure to register for an account with the manufacturer of your device!

Step 3: Connect Your Device to the
Heart Rate Contest Platform

Log in to your Heart Rate Contest account to connect your chosen device to our platform

Step 4: Exercise!

Once connected, wear your heart rate monitor during exercise and your data will be automatically uploaded to the Heart Rate Contest platform.

Step 5: View Your Contest Points

Upon completion of a workout, you will see points attributed to your account based on the amount of time you spent in the following heart rate zones based on your personal maximum heart rate.

Estimated Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) = 220bpm - Your Age​

Zone 1: 50%-59% MHR

1 Point Per Minute

Zone 2: 60%-69% MHR

3 Points Per Minute

Zone 3: 70%-79% MHR

6 Points Per Minute

Zone 4: 80%-89% MHR

7 Points Per Minute

Zone 5: 90%-100% MHR

9 Points Per Minute

Approved Heart Rate Monitors:

Polar.com: H9, H10, Verity Sense

Garmin.com: Venu, Vivoactive, Lily, Vivomove, Vivosmart

Fitbit.com: Sense, Versa, Inspire, Charge

And More to Come!