Heart Rate Contest

Push Your Limits.

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Build your body by unleashing your Heartrate

The Heart Rate Contest is a flexible solution for the exercise community that promotes an active lifestyle through friendly competition between members. By monitoring and analyzing heart rate data recorded through use of a heart rate monitor, competition points will be awarded to users based on time spent in various heart rate target zones during exercise activities. These points can then be compared in real-time to peers and on a platform-wide leaderboard to determine who is working the hardest to maintain an active lifestyle.  

Track HeartRate During Exercise

Wear one of our approved heart rate monitors during your workouts, then upload your data to your account!

Gain Competition points for your efforts

Our Heart Rate Contest platform will analyze your data and award points for time spent in various heart rate zones.

Compare Yourself On The Leaderboards

Compete against your peers and on the global leaderboard so see who is putting in the most work!


Exercise on YOUR schedule! There is no requirement to attend scheduled classes or even to leave the comfort of your home. Simply exercise however and wherever you like.


You do not have to subscribe to any particular workout plan in order to participate and be competitive. You may exercise however you like to receive points, so long as you spend time with an elevated heart rate!

User-Friendly System

Not exactly a tech-wizard? No problem! The Heart Rate Contest system will connect to your heart rate monitor's platform in order to automatically pull in your data when you exercise.


Heart Rate Contest system admins are available 24/7 to provide exemplary support in making sure you receive any help you need.